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   o dlGetLibraryPath() now accepts NULL as argument to return path to executable
   o more detail in support matrix for bi-endian platforms
+  o improvements/corrections to calling convention appendix
+  o PPC64 calling convention description
+  o man page additions for clarity
   o dynload_plain test extended to test UTF-8 library paths
+  o better output for plain test
+  o better output and *nix fix for plain_c++ test
   o default ./configure: FreeBSD/mips*hf needed -mhard-float compiler flag set explicitly
   o better MacOS Mojave support in ./configure (Mojave dropped i386 builds)
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 - introduce doc overview tables and common vocab for calling convention specifics, following example of table on page 13 of; also as inspiration, e.g. user 'preserved' instead of 'permanent', etc.
   * also, get inspiration for naming for GCC predefs as talked about in
 - make stack layout diagrams better, e.g. add grow direction (example: on
+  * another example, chapter 3 of:
 - provide more examples on how to use dyncall, dynload and dyncallback
   * e.g. enhance manual with a couple of examples (e.g. calling MessageBoxA on windows, etc.)
 - manuals for bindings (as stated in bindings-section, above)