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Bindings to other languages

The following is a list of dyncall bindings to different programming languages. See further projects using dyncall for the implementation of FFIs at showcase/users.



Package rdyncall contributes an advanced FFI for the R programming language and includes recent research results for dynamic binding of C APIs in cross-platform portable manner. The package is on CRAN. The current version of the package is 0.8.0. See details for package on CRAN here.

A paper is available that gives a general introduction to dynamic bindings and discusses the FFI facilities for R offered by the package.

Mercurial Repo: http://hg.dyncall.org/pub/dyncall/bindings/R/rdyncall/

Author: Daniel Adler



luadyncall is a Lua module offering dynamic bindings to shared libraries (GL,GLU,SDL,OpenGL 3,..) similar to the rdyncall package using an improved type information format. It is still in early stage and sources are available via mercurial.

Mercurial Repo: http://hg.dyncall.org/pub/dyncall/bindings/lua/luadyncall

Author: Daniel Adler



erldc is a Erlang nif-binding to dyncall.

Mercurial Repo: http://hg.dyncall.org/pub/dyncall/bindings/erlang/erldc

Author: Erik Mackdanz



rbdc offers basic Ruby bindings to the dyncall API. Examples on how to use the binding are here. A gem is available at rubygems.org/gems/rbdc and can be installed as follows: gem install rbdc

Mercurial Repo: http://hg.dyncall.org/pub/dyncall/bindings/ruby/rbdc

Author: Tassilo Philipp



pydc is a Python interface to the dyncall API. (Experimental)

Mercurial Repo: http://hg.dyncall.org/pub/dyncall/bindings/python/pydc

Author: Daniel Adler



shdc is a small executable and offers a minimalistic way to make arbitrary calls to C libraries. Make C calls from within shell scripts!

Mercurial Repo: http://hg.dyncall.org/pub/dyncall/bindings/shell/shdc

Author: Tassilo Philipp



To use dyncall from within Go, use godc!

Mercurial Repo: http://hg.dyncall.org/pub/dyncall/bindings/go/godc

Author: Tassilo Philipp