#!/bin/sh # Display usage cpack_usage() { cat < /dev/null 2> /dev/null; then cpack_usage fi if echo $a | grep "^--version" > /dev/null 2> /dev/null; then cpack_version exit 2 fi if echo $a | grep "^--include-subdir" > /dev/null 2> /dev/null; then cpack_include_subdir=TRUE fi if echo $a | grep "^--exclude-subdir" > /dev/null 2> /dev/null; then cpack_include_subdir=FALSE fi if echo $a | grep "^--skip-license" > /dev/null 2> /dev/null; then cpack_skip_license=TRUE fi done if [ "x${cpack_include_subdir}x" != "xx" -o "x${cpack_skip_license}x" = "xTRUEx" ] then interactive=FALSE fi cpack_version echo "This is a self-extracting archive." toplevel="`pwd`" if [ "x${cpack_prefix_dir}x" != "xx" ] then toplevel="${cpack_prefix_dir}" fi echo "The archive will be extracted to: ${toplevel}" if [ "x${interactive}x" = "xTRUEx" ] then echo "" echo "If you want to stop extracting, please press ." if [ "x${cpack_skip_license}x" != "xTRUEx" ] then more << ____cpack__here_doc____ Copyright (c) 2007-2010 Daniel Adler , Tassilo Philipp Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND THE AUTHOR DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES WITH REGARD TO THIS SOFTWARE INCLUDING ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE AUTHOR BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER RESULTING FROM LOSS OF USE, DATA OR PROFITS, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER TORTIOUS ACTION, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OR PERFORMANCE OF THIS SOFTWARE. ____cpack__here_doc____ echo echo "Do you accept the license? [yN]: " read line leftover case ${line} in y* | Y*) cpack_license_accepted=TRUE;; *) echo "License not accepted. Exiting ..." exit 1;; esac fi if [ "x${cpack_include_subdir}x" = "xx" ] then echo "By default the dyncall will be installed in:" echo " \"${toplevel}/dyncall-0.6-linux-i686\"" echo "Do you want to include the subdirectory dyncall-0.6-linux-i686?" echo "Saying no will install in: \"${toplevel}\" [Yn]: " read line leftover cpack_include_subdir=TRUE case ${line} in n* | N*) cpack_include_subdir=FALSE esac fi fi if [ "x${cpack_include_subdir}x" = "xTRUEx" ] then toplevel="${toplevel}/dyncall-0.6-linux-i686" mkdir -p "${toplevel}" fi echo echo "Using target directory: ${toplevel}" echo "Extracting, please wait..." echo "" # take the archive portion of this file and pipe it to tar # the NUMERIC parameter in this command should be one more # than the number of lines in this header file # there are tails which don't understand the "-n" argument, e.g. on SunOS # OTOH there are tails which complain when not using the "-n" argument (e.g. GNU) # so at first try to tail some file to see if tail fails if used with "-n" # if so, don't use "-n" use_new_tail_syntax="-n" tail $use_new_tail_syntax +1 "$0" > /dev/null 2> /dev/null || use_new_tail_syntax="" tail $use_new_tail_syntax +157 "$0" | gunzip | (cd "${toplevel}" && tar xf -) || cpack_echo_exit "Problem unpacking the dyncall-0.6-linux-i686" echo "Unpacking finished successfully" exit 0 #----------------------------------------------------------- # Start of TAR.GZ file #-----------------------------------------------------------; bL} tudf-Qٱ@>vC1 )u\$l@>UaeuO>mۦM9mzNv7gMd;9[o7mrNݸ$n#/8щh}̛7oPh'w}or\v6s2NrrOJYop`@C@``/'0TԾ/T IerzɛV<}Ղ JZ{U3w`oPUH_U {ZM4;Eiyսpyo{]b;>CŢ(^ #%]0^  9^&C Ay0VO66+IP1B6o/ =H!a,|dY㣙#>,b>r+>["b{X7R?&Rb<1*{<-iiZK+ZrdgˊyEܼ˗/;.Ǜ?S;#l6Wz{݁.(=哋FjQp|*C?a(=Rzfe']X\ԡ s86 XGP\Ls -\&z>MB~&w1Zt}ѽ͸_ ̸7pytQ B?@Qh\p߶&Z"?Û]㚄TMoI=oy={+Vnsߢ.DbtZ/^B tx3v杗Oi4S m%c&D[ZN5lmU)vy^fMEY.(c4@4ky ;f|^{P=`HQ*"cBsw_]vIє,Nw۔,x gKVa>\o`וJ\)A3*GJg%_p/c~Q _/og8q]\>8Z Ý|cXÕP,V3[ehp5yM_0q9Ri[oxO_niۓ|K_o^z~'<~)Y#K_oYzSe'z(!.]ޮ8>&-uЉc/uqثw=>t9 ?Z&2nW;Ѓ@Lǹ(G+SU 43@9xvsa4Df./=؆ I\v9@aA&(_sԌ(NFv`9MD3NdOK<%;,W.2傋'W.:MP#Q'e|umEx`3*]cvnE]$&}p6܏-/aʵďQt} ¾?7g}p[66]R?s78ձ7*ʳ[߲Kqg׳\ CwHD&[66*N-P1- t_y[n\B'*ʟ4Q}[uPW[l>e'{~#Çw0T{TSh`8^ot2GL/+ 1[ ;&~dY2}{}qe1}t1Efyd<qO3~?LӱO$I&!nesn~blW< }>Q~!# Q4)P?bOQK$Ig8)dӗ.}v2l?6{?ȥ ɥMNOmš3֜5=gf\IׅτQQEŗ;(ꒇc>LUcp%"Ғve|-$USƬj4VU#2 W$x7\DҷsQ^E~Rf^ dyW+G jxI5Ukqk^GND^:+s.2?;翅~@>Qq;ym}0ReĻ+x_c|3ŋ0v@4@T_Li34]fLctw_S!w ncp;712N$6w2̖08q0ʛcxA ~0Q? b3 ~1y0_ciVgM ~s y/0/3xK 4O~_[lcm dG>f08qa= `s 4|00+e >0)?gBhg1g _cia ~=k mC-` cp$"$Z|>z2[؛x/[ؘEץ8פH'[g7Zg#&ٸe{ ?]KkmlNmLE*Z{k@fo4ۈRX~[]^:hY;t|`6v~c5/kۗp*d9s[rFB4 |B(Ԥ)DZ"@FUo- Li89d}tsD+}9sq:y^W7U].nvS;]-J+?3'%m腥S/ lзIEmiچݥŏx>bjQ9`=\=zE|دV4vemٷ|G:'ڞ۾:.x~gQVo2M;&vV";Dy,r=w߭>*|rzFp|^w1|Q_s{&&9 Uz= +9^|\c#ⴷ~x5}G^_ }^t=s ,,M#(N%Y.i]5SCi (} sG}~^`3Wc"אT6!]>(!O / I?*.IZ%B.Ywn+17|I)PGmn[h{APlVo_K7_AFQ|C}nomho/qo^Q OWC>p<{ ^F&Eykh{.O"_@x=<~L[P7O6SY\4:l3}~O3}Lg4?ӧ_A~Ϳ5?ӯ~k~_3Lg5?ӯ|<àC۶3xS5;q?̂0g@T?! ? 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