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- integration of patches from Raphael Luba, Thekla, Inc.: * integration of aggregate-by-value (struct, union) support patch for x64 (win and sysv) * windows/x64 asm additions to specify how stack unwinds (help for debuggers, exception handling, etc.) * see Changelog for details - new calling convention modes for thiscalls (platform agnostic, was specific before) * new signature character for platform agnostic thiscalls ('*' / DC_SIGCHAR_CC_THISCALL) - dcCallF(), dcVCallF(), dcArgF() and dcVArgF(): * added support for aggregates-by-value (wasn't part of patch) * change that those functions don't implicitly call dcReset() anymore, which was unflexible (breaking change) - added macros to feature test implementation for aggregate-by-value and syscall support - changed libdyncall_s.lib and libdyncallback_s.lib order in callback test makefiles, as some toolchains are picky about order - doc: * man page updates to describe aggregate interface * manual overview changes to highlight platforms with aggregate-by-value support - test/plain: replaced tests w/ old/stale sctruct interface with new aggregate one
author Tassilo Philipp
date Thu, 21 Apr 2022 13:35:47 +0200
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APP      = callback_suite_aggrs
OBJS     = globals.o cases.o main.o
SRCTOP   = ${VPATH}/../..
BLDTOP   = ../..
CFLAGS  += -I${SRCTOP}/dyncall -I${SRCTOP}/dyncallback
LDLIBS  += -L${BLDTOP}/dyncallback -ldyncallback_s -L${BLDTOP}/dyncall -ldyncall_s
LUA      = lua

.PHONY: all clean install config
all: ${APP}
${APP}: ${OBJS} 
	rm -f ${APP} ${OBJS}
	mkdir -p ${PREFIX}/test
	cp ${APP} ${PREFIX}/test
	${LUA} mk-cases.lua <design.txt >cases.h
	# need two versions for platforms allowing empty aggregates (non-standard) or not
	# nonemptyaggrs.txt version differs only if config.lua's minaggrfields=0
	cp config.lua config.lua.cases
	sed -e '/minaggrfields[[:space:]]*=[[:space:]]*0/s/=.*/=1/;t' -e d config.lua.cases >> config.lua
	${LUA} rand-sig.lua >nonemptyaggrs.txt
	mv config.lua.cases config.lua
	${LUA} rand-sig.lua >cases.txt
	${LUA} mk-cases.lua <nonemptyaggrs.txt >nonemptyaggrs.h
	${LUA} mk-cases.lua <cases.txt >cases.h