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- fix to dynload to build with musl libc (latter has dlinfo but not RTLD_SELF, so fallback to dl_iterate_phdr if on ELF targets)
author Tassilo Philipp
date Tue, 25 Feb 2020 16:07:45 +0100
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This file lists bigger/noteworthy changes, only...

Version 1.2 (upcoming)
  o fix to build with musl libc

Version 1.1 (2020/01/11)
  o support for soft-float MIPS o32 & n64 (big- and little-endian, each)
  o x64 System V syscall support
  o support for soft-float MIPS o32 & n64 (big- and little-endian, each)
  o added UTF-8 support for pathnames on windows
  o reliability/stability fix for dlGetLibraryPath() on glibc based platforms (avoiding
    internal use of glibc's bad impl of dlinfo() which doesn't do any error checking at all)
  o Darwin/macos fix for dlGetLibraryPath() to correctly fail on bogus handles (did return
    paths to random libraries under some circumstances, instead of returning an error)
  o support for dlGetLibraryPath() on glibc platforms with glibc vesions <= 2.3.3
  o dlGetLibraryPath() now accepts NULL as argument to return path to executable
  o dlLoadLibrary() on windows: no more auto-suffixing of the .dll file ext anymore, to be
    more in line with other platforms (not affecting OS specific library search behaviour)
  o more detail in support matrix for bi-endian platforms
  o improvements/corrections to calling convention appendix
  o PPC64 calling convention description
  o MIPS64/N32 calling convention description
  o man page additions for clarity
  o dynload_plain test extended to test UTF-8 library paths
  o better output for plain test
  o better output and *nix fix for plain_c++ test
  o default ./configure: FreeBSD/mips*hf needed -mhard-float compiler flag set explicitly
  o better MacOS Mojave support in ./configure (Mojave dropped i386 builds)

Version 1.0 (2018/04/23)
  o PPC64 single-precision float fixes for more than 13 float args (thanks Masanori Mitsugi!)
  o fixed potential buffer overrun on ARM64
  o error code handling (dcGetError) changes, flag is now cleared (work still underway)
  o MIPS n64 ellipsis call fixes
  o ARM32 armhf ellipsis call fixes
  o fixed ARM32-THUMB stack alignment issues (found on Cortex-m0, thanks Darren Whobrey!)
  o better C++ compiler support (for pointer conversions)
  o PPC64 single-precision float fixes for more than 13 float args (thanks Masanori Mitsugi!)
  o MIPS o32 (big- and little-endian), EABI (32 bit, little-endian) and n64 (big-endian) support
  o SPARC32 (v7/v8) support
  o SPARC64 (v9) support
  o PPC32 fixes for (old) Darwin/OS X systems
  o POSIX compliance: fallback for wx alloc on systems that don't have mmap()'s MAP_ANON
  o allocated space used for thunk now always W^X (req. for e.g. OpenBSD >= 6.0)
  o major reliability/stability fixes for Mach-O dlSyms* functions to (thanks St├ęphane Mons for help):
    better handle loading dylibs by symlink, relative path, random casing, etc.
    fixes to symbol name lookups that used wrong offsets before
    64-bit platform fixes (was broken on x64 and never supported on others)
  o allowing Mach-O dlSyms* lib to be used standalone (consistent with ELF and PE impls now)
  o simplifications of implemention on Darwin, sharing parts with *nix implementation
  o potentially breaking change on macos/Darwin platforms: all functions now consistently accept or
    return symbol names as they would appear in C code, instead of the raw ones in object files
  o added new function dlGetLibraryPath, allowing lookups of path to library via handle
  o assembly code now built by explicitily asking for non-execstack, for safer/easier integration
    into other projects/builds, where needed; needed b/c of questionable default behaviours of some
    toolchains (thanks Thorsten Behrens for report and analysis)
  o working html doc generation from TEX sources
  o SPARC32 (v7/v8) calling convention description
  o SPARC64 (v9) calling convention description
  o better documentation, removed relative path dependencies, general cleanup
  o python: updated to latest signature format (was still on 0.1)
  o java: rewritten (old version was never complete, anyways)
  o added new dynload_plain test covering basic use of all dynload functions
  o cmake: made to work on systems without C++ compiler (thanks Franklin Mathieu)

Version 0.9 (2015/12/31)
  o ARM64 support (AAPCS64 on Linux & Apple's derived version on iOS)
  o armhf calling convention support for ARM32
  o PPC64 support, including syscalls (thanks Masanori Mitsugi!)
  o introduced dcArgF and dcVArgF for flexible/convenient argument binding (works like dcCallF/dcVCallF but without the function call)
  o using -fPIC by default for FreeBSD
  o PPC32 linux syscall support
  o fixed return value errors for ARM32 on some platforms (e.g. freebsd/arm32, nintendo ds); arm & thumb mode
  o ARM64 support (AAPCS64 on Linux, Apple's derived version on iOS)
  o armhf calling convention support for ARM32
  o PPC64 support (thanks Masanori Mitsugi!)
  o PPC32 System V support (Linux)
  o fix for PPC32 Darwin/OS X
  o more intuitive specification of callback return type
  o added ARM64 support info and calling convention documentation
  o added ARM32 armhf section
  o added PPC64 support info
  o cleanup, brought all up to date, etc.
  o callf test covers new argf interface
  o several fixes to some test suites
  o more flexible testsuite build and 'pack' target for convenience
  o fixes/additions for OS X universal builds
  o added iOS universal build support for armv7/arm64
  o helper script for generic .elf -> EBOOT.PBP creation for PSP
  o Sun make fixes for C++ code in test suite
  o erldc: Erlang binding (thanks Erik!)
  o moved to hg
  o moved bindings to own repository

Version 0.8 (2014/03/24)
  o big simplification make-based build system, no more distinct GNU and BSD makefiles anymore
  o new, much simpler ./configure for new make-based build-system
  o support for in-source and out-of-source builds for make-based build systems
  o made configure.bat guess x64 as target arch for x64 windows hosts
  o based more sources on portasm generation
  o fix for ARMv7 Thumb-2 code (tested on iPhone 4 CDMA / iOS 6.0.1)
  o bugfixes for -O2 builds for SPARC-v9 and SPARC-v7
  o new optimized call kernel for SPARC-v9 without conditionals
  o bigger refactoring and optimization of MIPS o32
  o x64 optimizations
  o added callback support for plan9
  o big cleanup, removal of duplicate files after introduction of portasm
  o include path fixes for public facing APIs (removed relative paths)
  o cleanup of manual and corrections
  o added info about newly supported and/or tested platforms (e.g. FreeBSD on ARM)
  o restructured folder layout for documentation
  o added API doc for dyncallback and dynload
  o added manpages for dyncallback and dynload
  o added arm/thumb interwork test suite
  o godc: added bindings for Go
  o rbdc: fixed and extended ruby bindings
  o shdc: renamed shell binding to shdc and added feature to list shared-objects' symbols

Version 0.7 (2012/01/02)
  o added subproject: portasm - portable (GNU AS,+Apple and MASM) assembly framework
  o added subproject: autovar - predefined macro framework (was dyncall_macros.h)
  o added support for Solaris and SunPro compiler for i386, x86_64, sparc and sparc64
  o improved auto-detection via preprocessor defines
dyncall updates:
  o uses portasm (GNU,Apple,Microsoft) common sources for x86,x64,ppc32,arm32_arm
  o added support for sparc (32-bit) (tested on linux/debian,openbsd,solaris)
  o added support for sparc (64-bit) (tested on linux/debian,openbsd,solaris)
  o bug fixes for x64/win64 calling convention
  o added support for mingw32-w64 on x64
  o improved cdecl x86 calling convention: stack always 16 byte aligned
  o updated API and initial support for structs (for x86/AMD64)
  o initial support for syscalls on x86, added x86 int80h linux/bsd
  o added Minix port (stable)
  o optimized vector buffer for small type pushing
  o minor fix for amd64/sysv: alignment to 32-byte
  o bug fix for ppc32/sysv: ellipsis calls work now
  o updated API, introduced DC_CALL_C_ELLIPSIS_VARARGS
  o changed interface: dcMode does not reset internally anymore
dyncallback updates:
  o uses portasm for x86,x64
  o added Solaris/x86/sunpro port (stable)
  o added Minix port (unstable)
  o callback support for Darwin/ppc32
  o updates source, uses relative includes
dynload updates:
  o fixes for missing includes (dyncall_alloc.h)
  o fixes for self-resolving symbols on windows
  o removed Dbghelf.lib dependency
  o bug fixes for cygwin/x86
  o fixes for beos/haiku
  o no dependencies to libdyncall sources.
buildsys additions:
  o added zero-config (BSD,GNU,SUN) make files (Makefile.embedded)
  o added in/out-of-source configure2 w/ (BSD,GNU) make files (Makefile.generic)
  o added bootstrap lua script (download/build)
  o Nmakefile: more tests included (resolve_self)
  o improved cross-compilation for iOS (upgrade to 4.3 sdk)
  o darwin 8.0 support
  o added 'install' support for Makefile.embedded
buildsys/gmake updates:
  o added support for msvc/x64 tool-chain
  o default settings for build-dir changed to '.'
  o cleanup: removed top-level Make{Prolog,Epilog,Rules} files and updated all sub-projects and tests
  o added support for DESTDIR staging installation
  o added support for manual page installation
buildsys/cmake updates:
  o updated find module scripts (see cmake/Modules)
  o added support for using dyncall as sub-project (via *Config.cmake files)
    see details in README.CMake
  o fixes for msvc and ml
  o fixes for CPack
  o fixes for universal builds on Mac OS X
  o supports SunPro with *.S files.
  o added experimental 'dynMake' portable make-based build-system (not stable, yet)
documentation updates:
  o added dyncallback documentation
  o updated dyncall documentation
  o minor updates
  o added flexible test suite for calls (call_suite) based on Lua and C
  o added syscall test
  o updates to resolve-self test (adding additional link flags to export symbols)
  o improved dir name portability (renamed plain_c++ -> plain_cxx)
  o renamed *.cpp -> *.cc files (OpenBSD/Sun make has no implicit rules for cpp)

Version 0.6 (2010/09/25)
  o new build systems: CMake and Plan9's mk
  o buildsys/gmake tool chain update: pcc and iphone sdk
  o x64 bugfix: added "-fPIC" even for static libs
dynload updates:
  o enum symbols update: Mach-O and Win64 (thanks Olivier)
  o numerous convenience changes to dynload interface (thanks Olivier)
  o added support for resolving application images itself
dyncall updates:
  o new platform support: arm/iphone (armv6), x86/Plan9
  o new MIPS calling conventions: o32, n64 (both endian models)
  o cleanup: unexported functions in MASM files, b/c export not needed (thanks Olivier)
  o interface update: added error reporting facility 'dcGetError'
  o bugfix for ppc32/sysv: ellipsis calls were broken
  o interface update: added new abstract mode for ellipsis calls (DC_CALL_C_ELLIPSIS)
  o comprehensive update
  o plain: split "plain" test up in C and C++ part
  o callbacksuite: added multiple configuration support for callback_suite

Version 0.5 (2010/02/01)
  o renamed arm9 stuff to arm32
  o added non-EABI ABI for arm32 (before, EABI was the default implementation)
  o added dyncallback support for x64/windows (thanks Olivier), x64/darwin, arm32/arm, arm32/thumb
  o synced documentation again with current state of the source (lots of small changes)
  o updated ruby binding to current state of signature string (still some features missing, though)
  o added a couple of new options to configure scripts (e.g. prefix-bd, new targets, etc.)
  o darwin universal binary support
  o added new tests callback_plain and calback_suite
  o added Haiku/BeOS support

Version 0.4 (2009/07/06)
  o added 'doc' makefile target for coherency and ease of use
  o fixed nmake buildfiles and configure.bat (were out of date and wrong)
  o test suite clean up (GNUmake, BSDmake):
    target "config" modified, phony without dependencies to other builds
  o bugfix: GNU fastcall calling convention for float and double arguments was wrong (no skip of register)
  o update: x86win32* suite tests are built on cygwin now, added total result output
  o signature types change:
    C Strings: 'S' -> 'Z'
    long: 'l' -> 'j'
    long long: 'L' -> 'l'
    added unsigned integer type signature characters: upper case encoding
  o added: callbacks component (support only for some platforms ATM)
  o added: test cases for alloc_wx, thunk
  o updated Documentation

Version 0.3 (2009/01/17)
  o added Linux PPC32 support
  o added ARM THUMB mode support
  o cosmetic changes, documentation updated
  o bugfix: on cygwin exported C symbols in GNU as are prefixed with '_' now.
  o removed scons build support

Version 0.2 (2008/05/18)
  o added scons build support
  o configure variables all prefix CONFIG_* now
  o configure variable INSTALL_DIR changed to INSTALL_PREFIX
  o configure (shell version) option "--prefix" changed to "--prefix=<path>"

Version 0.1 (2008/01/23)
  o initial release